A Typical Day

A typical day at Camp Invention is packed with fun, learning, and creativity from start to finish. It goes a little something like this:

  1. Warm Welcome – Check your child in before our Camp Director kicks off a day of fun!
  2. Team Work makes the Dream Work – Campers gather with other young inventors in the making at Base Camp, as they meet with our Leadership Interns.
  3. Mind-full Mornings – Led by a certified local instructor, your child completes two creative challenges (or modules) before lunch — with a healthy snack to keep their minds moving.
  4. Lunch Break – While half our campers eat, the other half refuel with some well-deserved playtime outside or in the gym. Then they switch!
  5. Amazing Afternoon – Time for two more challenging modules that will inspire your child’s imagination.
  6. Report Back to Base Camp – Our campers regroup with their Leadership Interns to focus on problem-solving — crucial for future inventing (and everyday life).
  7. Sign Out – Be prepared for lots of updates from your child about how much fun they had at Camp Invention!